Sunday, June 28, 2009

Grant's Filibuster

Grant uses a great many techniques to get what he wants. Whining, begging, crying, repeating, singing, stealing, throwing, bargaining, bartering, bribing; and now we can add.....filibustering (just like Congress). He usually does it at night when he is way too tired and does not want to got to bed or even be told to go back to bed. So he'll just ignore you and keep talking over you in an attempt to win some more awake time. It doesn't work, except we listen until its over as it is hilarious. But it does make for great blogging! This attempt is full of his favorite thing ever - mowing and weed wacking.

1 comment:

Scott and Analisa said...

Wow, he is passionate. I could not stop laughing. See, alli talks too, but it is just gibberish. Maybe she has been talking about mowing and weed wacking all this time!