Sunday, June 28, 2009

Little Leap Gets Mowed

This must have been a rainy day out and Grant had brought his mower inside for some practice. He has this talking stuffed animal frog that says the alphabet and stuff. He's called Little Leap. Well, Little Leap was just minding his own business one day in the reading room when Grant found him relaxing on the carpet. As Grant had already made a few passes through the rest of the house he quickly fixed his sights on some fresh frog blood. Peter made several desperate attempts to save the reptile friend but to no avail. The cameraman was apparently held hostage by her own laughter and could only hope her chuckles would console Little Leap as his fate played out before her. Grant must have had the mower set to 'mulch' as he left the machine on top of the victim for some time to ensure full choppage. Just another day in the life of the boy obsessed with mowing.

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