Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hike up Mount Tom

After the first leaves here began to change, we took a hike up Mount Tom - its really more of a hill and so it was really more of a walk. But anyway, Grant walked/hiked most of the way up and almost all the way down. At the top there is this 300 year old tower you can climb up in and check out the surrounding area. The camera did not do the view justice though. Its been a good year for leaf peeping in New England this year.

This is the old, old, old tower. It's old BTW.

Here is the view from the top. Leaves just beginning to change and there really was more color but the photo stinks. Our house is off to the right of the picture's view.

Grant and Peter at the base of the tower. There was a swarm of Ladybugs and this is one of the few moments they weren't swatting at them.

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Matt and Alissa said...

Wow, that is so cool it is so close to your house. And those leaves look gorgeous. Your boys are so big! What cuties!