Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grant Benjamin Jacob

Grant is a big boy. He keeps us on our toes by usually keeping on our toes. He eats everything you give him and most of what you try to keep from him, as in the video below. His sense of humor is definitely from the 'Jacob' side and he's quick to use it. Nothing against any of your kids, but Grant is probably better than all of them. Its true...just ask Mom.

This is Grant eating an onion...speaks for itself.

Grant was getting ready for the Red Sox game and imitating me with my shoes and glasses - Erica set this one up all the way but I could not have been prouder.

Grant has been hilarious for some time now. Here he is only a few months old trying, and failing, not to fall asleep. I think he had been doing this for sometime before Erica got the camera on him.

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