Sunday, October 19, 2008

Peter Maxwell Jacob

Peter Maxwell showed up a few days late but once he decided to make the trip, it went really fast. Erica was feeling contractions the Sunday after her due date - September 10th - and that night called the doctor to see what he advised. All he said was, "If you're in pain, go to the hospital." Thanks. Ten years of medical schooling and that's what he says...bozo. So we wait it out at home and overnight the contractions subside a bit but they pick up again in the morning. We call the doctor's office and luckily he's not there. The phone answerer says to go to the hospital and get checked - so we do. Note: phone answerer probably had less schooling than bozo doc and got us to do what she said. Nice. Anyway, the hospital admits Erica and checks her out and says she's barely a '2' (but will always be '10' to me). The nurse says she'll call bozo doc and see what he wants to do with us but said he'd probably just keep us there. We did not want to be there 4 days and in labor for 84 hours. A lot of waiting followed. Bozo doc comes into the room which has a nice 'whirlwind' draft to it due to my endless pacing. He immediately says he'll be inducing her and how he would anyway in a day or two because she's so overdue and before we can say 'peep' he's broken her water. This is about 9:45 AM. OK. They induce labor with the drugs and we're on our way to child number 2.
I make a few phone calls, not to any of you who are reading this obviously, and Erica asks for the good drugs that I'm not allowed to see them inject in her - thankfully. More pacing ensues while Erica tries to sleep/relax. Around 11:30 the nurse comes back in and checks on her 'progress'. All I see is her surprised look and she says, "The head is right there. Don't move." She then runs out of the room to where we know not. We didn't think we heard her right until she comes back with all the delivery stuff and more nurses and they're calling the bozo doc. They kept saying stuff like 'push' and 'head' and 'good drugs' and 'not yet'. The baby was going to get here before the bozo doctor would. They get Erica all ready and the finally the doc shows up to earn his money. He states something obvious like, "We're having this baby right now", and starts putting on the scrubs. Before he can finish he's already saying 'push' and he gets all dressed just in time for the last push. 12:05 PM and Peter Maxwell was born. 6 pounds 13 ounces. 21 inches long. Long legs and arms and really skinny, just like his Dad.

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jana jacob said...

Oh, I just love him already! He is perfect! Erica looks one would ever believe she just had a baby! We wish you guys the best! Keep posting! I want to see pictures of Grant! How's he doing with Peter?