Sunday, November 2, 2008


We all had a great time at Halloween this year. It was Grant's first experience with Trick or Treating and he was so fun to watch. He immediately knew what to do; ask for your treat, say thank you, and move on to the next treat giver as soon as possible. He never once stopped to try to eat his candy. We went up to Litchfield, the next town over, as the police close down a whole neighboorhood and set up lights and patrol the scene so its safe - kind of like how all our lives will be when Barack takes over the White House. Anyways, its great fun and the street fills up with people from 5 PM until 9 PM and theres haunted houses and everyone dresses up - except for us. After attempting to make Grant into a ghost this year - he would keep pulling the sheet off of his head...who knew? - we had enough Red Sox gear to make that his costume.

Little Slugger.

Note the right-handed 'Ted Williams' stance. Can you say '.406'?

Even Peter got in on the night.

All the boys waiting for Mom to finish taking pictures so we can get us some candy.

Here's action footage of the boy's first piece of Trick or Treat ever! I was definitely more excited than he was although once he figured out what all the buzz was about - candy - he went nuts.

After a few Treats and no Tricks in sight, the boy started to pick up speed and was dragging us from house to house.


Tim said...

Except Grant appears to be righthanded, thus he's more Dewey Evans than Ted Williams.

robyn said...

What a pro! He caught on so fast! Annelise was more of a - if I need another one, I'll get one after I'm done with this one - kind of girl.

Scott and Analisa said...

Hey! We found you guys! What cute kids! Where did you get that Red Sox outfit, scott would DIE to get one! Peter is super cute, and big too! We love you guys and miss you tons!