Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Peter savors.

Buckle up. This is a long video but it shows in reality how Peter eats. When he takes a bite, he chews, tastes, licks his lips, and then licks and licks and licks. His tongue meticulously searches for EVERY crumb on or around his mouth. He savors every morsel, no doubt tasting each individual ingredient in his bite. Here he is eating a cupcake - a whole one - which might take up to 45 minutes. He thought, as I was pointing the camera at him, that I was about to take a picture of him, when instead I was filming the whole time. That's why he keeps looking at the camera that way and asks near the end why I haven't taken the picture yet.

Can you see why we love Peter??

1 comment:

Matt and Alissa said...

That is so cute. Maybe you have a professional chef on your hands.