Sunday, April 29, 2012


Here are the big boys taking some hacks at the local driving range!  Buster had a few really good ones - 25-30 yards!  I still can't get him to uncross his hands though so...lots of work to do there.  He wanted to hit with my driver and hounded me the whole time we were there.

Peter will never be a golfer.  This was the second swing at this same ball and after he missed it completely he threw down the club with both hands and I swear it was like Happy Gilmore all over again - beware Bob Barker ("I hate that Bob Barker!").  He did hit a few despite his baseball follow-through and also managed, somehow, to hit the white wooden divider between our stall and the one to the left.  The loud "thud" turned every head on the range - the boys thought it was awesome!  Can't wait for our first 9 hole round.  A case study on replacing divots!

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