Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grant's Nugget

Grant has been potty training for sometime now and is supposed to say "Pee-poop" when its time to go to the toilet. He does a pretty good job at this although sometimes he only tells us so we'll remove his already soiled diaper with said "Pee-poop". So now Erica and I talk about his progress as we await that blessed day without any diapers, wipes, or running pants-down to the toilet (Grant's pants that is). In fact, as I get home from a long day at the office, it's first and foremost on my mind and we usually have the following conversation:

Ben: I'm home. How are you ____? (insert your choice of term of endearment)

Erica: Fine. How was work?

Ben: ______. (insert your choice of soul-crushing sob story)

Erica: That's nice dear.

Ben: Did Grant poop while I was gone?

Erica, for a while, had the same 2 or 3 answers to the question:
1. Yes, a lot.
2. No. Not at all
3. He's gotta go now. Can you take him?
But one day she added the following to her answers:
Yes, but only a nugget.
It would be an adequate description as many of his future "prospecting" attempts would only profit us a "nugget".

Anyway, this is going far too in depth for such a short punch-line. The other night we we're sitting at the dinner table scarfing down the "mass-quantities" and Grant had bad "wind". He let loose on a few (which turned out to be a mere drum-roll) and then we got the grand finale. It stopped us mid-bite as we tried to assess how much of our son would be missing. He looked at us and said "That was a nugget!" Never before had man been so proud of his own offspring. We couldn't stop laughing and I swear Erica said "Pee-poop" as she was unable to help herself to the bathroom. Just kidding honey. It was hilarious.


Matt and Alissa said...

That is hilarious! I love it. Good luck with those precious nuggets!

Scott and Analisa said...

hahaha! I love Grant's noise! How , literally, "stinkin' funny!