Sunday, March 22, 2009

Empire Strikes Back comes to Bantam

Peter is one noisy critter. He has his quiet moments but its pretty much all or nothing. His amplifiers definitely go to "11" - thank you Spinal Tap. No in between. He even makes noise whenever he eats and I have finally pinpointed the sound. Here is the best example we could get on video:

The following is the link to the noise I knew so well as a kid (you have to copy and paste it):

It's a Hoth-hopping Tauntaun from The Empire Strikes Back!

I finally solved the mystery! We call him Tauntaun whenever he does the noise now and Grant, like any jealous older brother, imitates him to a tee.

I couldn't resist sharing this despite how nerdy I must look now. But, if this odd bodily function wasn't enough - just read the post below. I'm all about posting my kids' noises for all to enjoy. And may you all visit soon as these posts barely do the sounds justice. Much better in person.


robyn said...

made me laugh out loud! and nick, and his friend too, we all had a good laugh.

Scott and Analisa said...

Alli grunts in her sleep and it makes us laugh so hard. Well, now she has added spitting and clapping in her sleep as well. These kids come from a more vocal age than we did!