Friday, August 30, 2013

Stella grew.

Our Stella turned 7 months earlier this week. She sits now, eats her own crackers, laughs at anything that jumps, grinds her teeth, sleeps all through the night, and even pesters on occasion. These are some since the last post about her (sorry about a few of them being sideways) -

Here she is - our future ballerina.

And here she is as Gumby. A necessary role in becoming a ballerina.

This is how she spends most of her days - happy. She is like tangible sunshine.

I wish I had Stella's natural highlights and lowlights!

At six months, she finally realized she could get over to the blocks that were so gingerly placed on the pillow to show her age in the photo... 

These next five are showing some of the ways I have caught her napping. When she's tired, she just falls asleep, where ever that may be.

And lastly, this video shows how Stella displays excitement - her hands and especially her feet turn tiny circles, independent of each other and in opposite directions. How does she do this?!!?! Its like watching an old cassette tape play. It is so fun to feed her now as she has recently started enjoying solid food and seeing a spoonful coming towards her makes her turn circles in fast forward.

We do still have 3 other posts featuring them will be added shortly.

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