Monday, July 15, 2013

Nathan's 3rd Birthday

We asked Nathan what he wanted for his birthday this year. He promptly replied, "A waygo man, gween fwip fwops, and a cweature powa suit." Oh! Is that all?? Check, check, and check. We threw him a Wild Kratt's birthday party complete with Creature Power Suits for the kids, and invited some friends over for a cookout and "Creature Adventures".

Even Stella's in on the fun. We were also lucky to have Jake and Carly visiting the weekend of his party - it was so fun to have them here.

One of the Creature Power Discs the kids got was a cheetah. In the video above, they're chasing each other around, trying to snatch another's cheetah tail from where is it clamped onto the back of their shirt. Way to go, Buster!

Another of the Creature Power Discs was a butterfly and the kids had to wrap up as a chrysalis and then bust out of it metamorphosing into a beautiful butterfly. Carly embraced it - I love the way this video ends!

Happy 3rd birthday, Nathan! Now stop growing.

Interestingly, shortly after his birthday, he asked when Christmas was coming and stated that he wanted a computer. A laptop, to be precise.

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Matt and Alissa said...

What an awesome party. You are so creative. I will have to remember this. Such cute ideas.