Thursday, April 11, 2013

Some catching up to do...

 Here are a few highlights from the months that we missed updating our blog:

Remembering Dad at UK Car Days

Peter loved playing with Leah. Not so sure the feeling was mutual...

In the photos above and below, we were at the open house for the Finger Lakes Live Steamers. Twice a year, the club allows the public in to see the model trains up close and to ride on the miniature locomotives. It was really fun for the whole family. The trains were awesome, too! The steamies actually had tiny coal furnaces powering them. The (unavoidably over-sized) driver opened the miniature door to the firebox and deposited a scoop of coal inside with a kitchen serving spoon.  

Towards the end of summer, Nathan fell and cut his forehead just above his eyebrow and had to have three stitches. After they came out, we took the photo below to send to his pediatrician, and thanked him for taking such good care of Nathan.

Christmas with Grandma Cathy 

This was Christmas morning. Here the boys are proudly showing off their certificates from Santa, officially placing them on the "Nice List". The certificates were accompanied by wonderful, personalized letters to each boy in response to their letter to Santa asking him to bring whatever special thing they wanted for Christmas. Buster had asked for "a plastic cardinal bird". You can imagine how he felt after we read his letter and then he opened the gift in the photo below. His face pretty much says it all.

And  it was so nice to finally, FINALLY, have a true, white Christmas. 

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