Sunday, December 2, 2012


The boys had a lot of fun playing outside this summer. Here, Nate is enjoying the simplest of pleasures, and my filming him is interrupted by Pete's discovery of another snake. To our surprise - and Ben's disgust - Peter turned out to be a master snake hunter. On one warm afternoon in September, he caught over 30 snakes from the side yard of my mom's house and heaped them into his tote for viewing, feeding, and likely breeding. At one point, he thought they were getting hot in the sun so he poured a little water in the tote. When he saw a snake dive under the water and then resurface, he exclaimed, "Look! The snake knows how to baptize himself!"

After Buster got home from school that afternoon, he wanted in on all the slimy fun so Peter divided up the snakes. Here he is choosing a "wild" one for Buster.


Matt and Alissa said...

That is awesome. I have a brother just like Pete. He was always catching snakes. He still loves them. Your boys are so cute.

Eric and Julia Jacob said...

Oh man, I would never handle that well. The first time Graham brings me a snake, I'll probably run away screaming. Absolutely HATE them!!