Thursday, August 4, 2011

For a Remarkable Grandma

Today marks the 85th birthday of a most remarkable person: my grandma. She is and always has been a wonderful part of my life and, more recently, of my kids' lives as well. Two years ago when I visited, we took this photo-
Peter was just a baby! But he can still give that same look. Buster warmed up to Grandma then but it was really last summer that they both began to make memories. The boys and I enjoyed an especially memorable summer last year when we lived with my mom and dad while organizing a move from Connecticut to Nebraska. We often saw Grandma, and the boys truly began to know her, for which I am most grateful. Here they are with her when we were celebrating her birthday in August of 2010-When we would go over to her house, she'd give the big boys popsicles and to them I think now the two are inseparable: Great-Grandma...that means...horray!! we are having popsicles! After a refreshing treat, Buster usually wanted to go down into her basement to see if the furnace was still broken or into the shed to see her spread of lawn mowers and weed whackers. Peter's memory is of one time later in the fall when the acorns had started to fall and were collecting on the deck overlooking the ravine. He had a lovely time showing her how he could shoot them over the edge. Nathan was, of course, always with us and happy, the angel baby that he was. The next photo is one of my favorites ever, taken by my dad. You look beautiful, Grandma.
Now that we live in Nebraska, we look at pictures to remember. And we make popsicles in the Zoku. And we send letters. I love that you type yours on an old typewriter, Grandma. They're always such a treat to get in the mail. Thoughtful, and always witty. I hope you have a very happy birthday, Grandma, and that this year is the best ever for you, too.
Love, Erica, and love from Ben and the boys.

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