Sunday, January 24, 2010

Halloween 2009

This is Grant in action - headed for the first house. If it looks like we're in a hurry that's because it was starting to rain.

Peter being Peter and giving one of his classic serious looks when he should be smiling. He had a great time.

The 2 boys before we headed out. Grant actually had a scary pirate costume to where but he was too scared to put it on - classic Grant. Fortunately for us, he has pajamas that double as an outfit for a Republican.

Peter doing his part to carve the pumpkin - his tool of choice was his teeth. He actually took a few bites and I think we skipped his dinner that night too, so...bonus.

Grant here is doing the grunt work on the pumpkin. Nothing springs this boy into action faster than an opportunity to make a mess. The Jack-o-Lantern turned out to be needless as we didn't even get 1 trick-or-treater all night. Maybe next year.

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Matt and Alissa said...

Beckett was too scared to put on costumes too, until this year. How funny. If we all move to Omaha, I think they will be great friends.