Sunday, December 28, 2008


Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope yours was great because ours rocked the house! Grant was so much fun and the video evidence below is fairly indisputable. The first one was him opening his stocking and finding some of his favorite treats. The next one is actually when he first comes down to find Christmas. We had set-up some of his presents so he could play with them right away but he was too "Wowed" by the fire to even notice. It took some convincing and coercing to get him to realize what was going on but when he caught on there wasn't one present that he didn't open - his or not. Peter slept through half of it and was a mere spectator for most of the day. Erica and I enjoyed a great day of a warm fire, merry music, good food, long naps, and cheese...yes cheese. For dinner, we went with the never-fail staple of pizza - Grant loved it. A pretty awesome day to say the least.


Matt and Alissa said...

Those videos are so cute. How did you fit all of that in that little stocking? I love the way Grant says Christmas. You house looks so beautiful. Merry Christmas!

Eric and Julia Jacob said...

So cute! He is such a smart little guy. I need to get to know you guys better! Maybe we can come visit sometime. :) Merry Late Christmas!